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Letter Writing Team Works to Flip Wisconsin
Letter Writing Teams Works to Flip Wisconsin

We’re Helping Re-Elect Governor Tony Evers.

We’re Helping Elect Mandela Barnes to the US Senate.

But Wait, There’s More:

Living in Illinois, a “blue” state, you can still impact the election. Wisconsin’s 2022 US Senate election as well as their US Congressional and state elections are critical linchpins. Help be the tipping point. We’re working now. Be part of it and learn more.

We Are:
North Shore Indivisible is a political grassroots organization made up of concerned citizens like you.

North Shore Indivisible provides an opportunity to turn political anxiety into action.

North Shore Indivisible empowers individual citizens to make your voice heard.

Take Action. Vote. Help Others Vote.

We’ve got some work to do. Are you with us?

Latest Action Items

Join the Election Judge Team for Nov. 8 General Election

Join Lake County’s election judge community and be the proud face of democracy in action.  Election judges are responsible for the proper and lawful conduct of the election and ensure that every person qualified to vote is permitted to vote. Did you know that high school juniors or seniors in good standing enrolled in a [Read more…]

Call Unregistered Wisconsin Voters

Join our mailing/texting/calling program to reach 76,000 unregistered Wisconsin voters (“likely Democrats”). To date (August 15, 2022) we have made 25,000 calls to potential voters who have already received a voter registration forms in the mail and several reminder texts.  We have 51,000 more calls to make before October 19. To get involved just sign [Read more…]

Casten for Congress – Intern Recruitment

I am Theo Gardiner, an Organizer for Congressman Sean Casten’s re-election campaign here in Illinois. Sean has been representing District 6 since 2018, and his current race is one of the most competitive in the country. Our campaign is hiring interns for the upcoming fall semester and I am reaching out to you to see [Read more…]

Latest Blog Posts

Using Radio to Elect Governor Evers and Save Wisconsin’s Democracy

The following is from an email, or newsletter if you prefer, from Kirk Bangstad and reprinted because it’s probably ok with him: First off, I just wanted to say to those who started sending worried emails–I’m BACK.  I took the month of August off from political activism to spend some needed time away with people [Read more…]

In Wisconsin, Democracy Itself Is On The Ballot

In Wisconsin, democracy itself is on the ballot   notes James Hohmann, writing in the Washington Post. The op-ed begins: “A great deal more than who wins and who loses is at stake in the unfolding battle for governor of Wisconsin. Fair play, reproductive freedom and something closer to democracy itself may be up for grabs.” [Read more…]

Dobbs Decision: “Horrifying, and just the beginning”

Make no mistake: the Supreme Court’s decision today to overturn Roe v. Wade is a culmination of a decades-long campaign by Republicans to undermine our rights. This specific case is a blow to each woman’s bodily autonomy, but it does not stop there. Fundamental rights like marriage equality and access to contraception are on the [Read more…]