“Don’t Agonize. Organize.” -Florynce Kennedy

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  • Are you inspired to be politically active but just don’t know where to begin?
  • Are you frustrated or angry about our current political state?
  • Do you feel like the progress we’ve made as a nation is just slipping away?

You are not alone!

North Shore Indivisible is a resource for anyone looking to become engaged in the political process, regardless of your level of political experience. Our mission is to stem the tide of regressive politics and keep America moving in a positive direction—FORWARD!

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Check out our ACTION WALL, a sortable list of actions that can be taken right now to stop the current administration and GOP agenda in it’s tracks.

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Latest Action Items

Immigration: Citizenship Workshop Needs Volunteers

The Hispanic American Community Education and Services (HACES) organization in Waukegan is holding a Citizenship Workshop on Saturday, Oct. 14 from 9 to noon.  Please come and help participants fill out their papers to become U.S. Citizens.  Address is 820 Greenwood Ave. in Waukegan.  For more information, call 847-244-0300.  No experience necessary, but training may [ Read more…]

Help Save the ACA

Take action this weekend and submit your story for the Graham-Cassidy Hearing on Monday, September 25th. Jen Hoffman’s action item for this weekend Action: Submit public testimony for Monday’s Graham-Cassidy hearing. Email: GCHcomments@finance.senate.gov by 1pm EST/10am PST Monday 9/25. Script: I/my family rely/relies on quality, affordable healthcare. Because of this, I oppose the Graham-Cassidy bill. [ Read more…]

It’s An All Hands-On-Deck Time to Fight the Graham-Cassidy Bill

Make Calls, Write Emails to Crucial Republican Senators Multiple news organization are reporting that the Senate Republicans may be one vote away from being able to pass the Graham-Cassidy bill and now is the time we need to double-down on calling Senators not only from our own state, but from crucial Republican states (see list [ Read more…]

Latest Blog Posts

Show Your Kids How Change Happens-Come to an Indivisible Meeting!

It was difficult explaining the Trump presidency to my kids. “We’ll fix it,” I would tell them. But I didn’t know how. That changed with my first Indivisible meeting. Under the passionate guidance of an Obama campaign staffer, Scott Horwitz, we brainstormed ideas and developed action plans. I loved meeting people who were “doing” rather [ Read more…]

Why We Call Congress

You want to help. But you don’t want to call your Member of Congress. Your palms sweat. You discover many other things you should do. You’ve never done anything like this. Not even called in a traffic tip. STOP. You are not alone. And you’re needed. Watch this. It will help. Then… GET ON THE [ Read more…]

I’m Running for Public Office. Indivisible Got Me Here

I’ve entered the ring as a candidate for Illinois State Representative in the 17th district. I’ve never run for public office. How did I get here? Despair. At First I woke up on November 9th, 2016 with a heavy heart. I was flabbergasted at the results of the Presidential Election. I somberly started the process [ Read more…]