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Letter Writing Team Works to Flip Wisconsin
Letter Writing Teams Works to Flip Wisconsin

Flip Wisconsin Blue

Living in a “blue” state, you can still impact the election. Wisconsin’s 2020 Electoral College votes hang in the balance. Help be the tipping point. We’re working now. Be part of it and learn more.

We Are:

North Shore Indivisible is a political grassroots organization made up of concerned citizens like you.


North Shore Indivisible provides an opportunity to turn political anxiety into action.


North Shore Indivisible empowers individual citizens to make your voice heard.

Get Woke. Be Present. Take Action. Vote.

We’ve got some work to do. Are you with us?

Latest Action Items

Volunteer – Democratic National Convention Host Committee

Volunteers are important to the Milwaukee 2020 Host Committee and the convention. During the Democratic National Convention, which will be held from July 13 to 16, 2020, and in the weeks leading up to the event, the host committee will welcome thousands of guests and delegates to Milwaukee and the surrounding region. Some of them [Read more…]

Witness: MPP (Migrant Protection Protocols)

Large numbers of Central Americans are no longer appearing at our border seeking a better life. The government of Mexico, under pressure from President Trump, is keeping most of them from getting here. Mexico has reinforced both its southern border and its border with the U.S. Nonetheless, thousands of people have made it to our [Read more…]

Ways You Can Become/Stay Involved

Let the countdown begin! 305 days until Election Day on November 3rd. We all signed up in January, 2017 to resist Trump’s agenda and fight for our democracy. Everything we’ve done has had an impact. It’s been an exhausting journey but let’s not give up now. There is still so much more to do. Below [Read more…]

Latest Blog Posts

Everything (Sort of) You Want to Know About Canvassing

Let’s demystify canvassing. Here’s a good and fun start:

Horrors on the Southern Border

Until recently, our government allowed people from other countries to wait in the U.S. while their requests for asylum were being processed and decided. Now we make them wait on the other side of our border. Thousands of people are indefinitely stranded in places like Matamoros, Mexico, where I just returned from. Neither our government [Read more…]