Next Group Meeting: Sunday March 25 1:30 PM, at the Deerfield Public Library.  

“Don’t Agonize. Organize.”

Florynce Kennedy


voter registration
Deputy voter registrar Jeff Slepak administers oath to newly registered voter.

North Shore Indivisible is a political grassroots organization made up of concerned citizens like you in Illinois’ 10th Congressional District.


North Shore Indivisible provides an opportunity to turn political anxiety into action. Join an issue team, work on an initiative, or learn a new skill.


North Shore Indivisible empowers individual citizens to make your voice heard. We work together to amplify our progressive message to bring the changes we seek into our democracy.

Get Woke. Be Present. Stay Active. Vote.

Latest Action Items

Reject Anti-Environment Pompeo

Proposed Secy. of State Pompeo has: Been named the “Koch Brothers’ Congressman” since he has taken more money from the Koch Brothers than any other member of Congress2 Opposed the regulation of greenhouse gas emissions and called efforts to address climate change “damaging” and “radical”3 Called for the permanent elimination of wind power production tax credits4 Introduced [ Read more…]

Speak Up to Support Medical Care for Vulnerable Americans

Ask Your Senators to Oppose Efforts to Restrict Medicaid. Recently an increasing number of states are requesting permission to impose restrictions on Medicaid by instituting lifetime caps on Medicaid benefits or requiring work requirements to remain on Medicaid rolls.  A recent Vox article reports that a poll by the Kaiser Foundation finds that 41% of [ Read more…]

Write to Support Medicaid in Illnois

From Jen Hofmann’s action items for this week Action: Stand with Americans who are poor, disabled, and/or unable to work.   Find: Your state Medicaid director’s address (look up, scroll down for address). Write: Dear [Name], I am deeply concerned about the CMS letter on 1/12/18 allowing states to deny medical care to vulnerable citizens. [ Read more…]

Latest Blog Posts

Vote On Bill Banning Abortion After 20 Weeks Set for Next Week

The Reasons Behind the Senate Vote on Banning Abortion. The Senate has scheduled a vote on a bill, already passed by the House, that bans abortions after 20 weeks, and the Trump Administration has signaled its support of this bill.   While some websites are raising the alarm, The Hill asserts that the bill has little chance [ Read more…]

Pablo Manriquez Highlights January Meet-Up

Good discussions at our January Meet-Up among our group including several new people eager to stop hand wringing and do something. Joining us from DC via skype was Roll Call Director of Communications Pablo Manriquez who fielded our questions about DACA, Trump-Russia col lusion and more. Pablo has useful insight to help inform us on [ Read more…]

The Good News – ACA Numbers Are Up As the Enrollment Period Begins

Initial Numbers for ACA Enrollment – Over 600,000 Sign Up in the First Four Days! The Washington Post reports that more than one in five of these are new enrollees.  The increase in numbers is despite the Trump Administration undercutting the process by shortening the enrollment period by half, slashing the TV and radio advertising [ Read more…]