“Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle” MLK Jr.


We’ve got some work to do. Are you with us?

We Are:

voter registration
Deputy voter registrar Jeff Slepak administers oath to newly registered voter.

North Shore Indivisible is a political grassroots organization made up of concerned citizens like you in Illinois’ 10th Congressional District.


North Shore Indivisible provides an opportunity to turn political anxiety into action. Join an issue team, work on an initiative, or learn a new skill.


North Shore Indivisible empowers individual citizens to make your voice heard. We work together to amplify your progressive message to bring the changes you seek into our democracy.

Get Woke. Be Present. Take Action. Vote.

Latest Action Items

Tell EPA, Don’t Rollback Methane Gas Regs

Trump’s EPA announced plans to repeal critical regulations that keep the oil and gas industry from leaking dangerous methane gas into the atmosphere. But for now, the EPA has to accept and respond to public comments on this dangerous rollback, so today, we need to register our protest: Stand with NRDC — send in your [Read more…]

Tell GE to Stop Investing in Coal Plants

GE has said it’s committed to the Paris climate agreement, yet it’s planning to build over a dozen new coal-fired power plants around the world using outdated coal technology that they cannot convince Americans to buy. If built, these coal plants will lock in decades of fossil fuel dependence and dangerous air pollution at a [Read more…]

Urge YES on Arctic Refuge, Marine Protection, Florida’s Coastline

Urge your Congressional Representative to vote YES to crucial bills to strengthen protections for our country’s public lands and waters from reckless oil and gas drilling. Arctic Refuge Cultural and Coastal Plain Act (HR 1146) Coastal and Marine Economies Protection Act (HR 1941 Protecting and Securing Florida’s Coastline Act of 2019 (HR 205) One click [Read more…]

Latest Blog Posts

The 2020 Democratic Pledge

In the end, we have to pull together. Or we will be pulled apart. As the 2020 elections begin to take shape, the following set of guidelines, contributed by Tobin Fraley, are useful to insure the majority of Americans pull together to get us over the finish line so we may begin to repair the [Read more…]

Democracy Summer Camp July Meeting Summary

NSI 2019.7.18 General Meeting 7:00PM @ Deerfield Public Library We had a nice turnout at this meeting with many active regulars as well as some new friends who are ready to get involved. Themed “Democracy Summer Camp,” we enjoyed our discussion around a “campfire.” People shared their motivations and favorite actions: Showing up for rallies [Read more…]

Trump Regime – Fiscal & Economic Issues

It’s still the economy, stupid! In a world where facts matter (they do), the Fiscal & Economic Issues group of NWSOFA Indivisible* produces an objective analysis of our state and Federal economic status. There is a lot to digest. Here is a summary. First the chart. Then the talking points: 1.Job creation was faster in [Read more…]