“Don’t Agonize. Organize.” -Florynce Kennedy

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  • Are you inspired to be politically active but just don’t know where to begin?
  • Are you frustrated or angry about our current political state?
  • Do you feel like the progress we’ve made as a nation is just slipping away?

You are not alone!

North Shore Indivisible is a resource for anyone looking to become engaged in the political process, regardless of your level of political experience. Our mission is to stem the tide of regressive politics and keep America moving in a positive direction—FORWARD!

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Latest Action Items

Action: Thank IL Attorney General Lisa Madigan for Protecting Students

Lisa Madigan is suing Betsy DeVos. What you need to know: Secretary of Education Betsy Devos has rescinded rules to protect students from predatory lending practices at for-profit colleges. Lisa Madigan and 18 other states’ Attorneys General are suing the Betsy DeVos and the Department of Education to enforce rules put in place to protect [ Read more…]

Action: Thank Gov. Jerry Brown for Protecting Environment

Contact Governor Jerry Brown (D-CA): Dear Governor Jerry Brown, Thank you for protecting our environment and countering the President’s message on climate change. Thank you for hosting the first-ever global environmental summit with the direct goal of supporting the Paris Agreement. I appreciate your leadership. (Sign your name and State) USPS: Gov. Jerry Brown, ℅ [ Read more…]

National Day of Action: #KillTheBill. Stop Trumpcare.

Tuesday July 18th is a National Day of Protest. From Maine and South Carolina to Hawaii and Alaska, Indivisible groups are organizing rallies and  die-ins, and visiting congressional offices to say that Trumpcare will hurt our friends, our families, and our country.  Protests in Illinois will be in Springfield, Wheaton, Oak Park, and Chicago .  The [ Read more…]

Latest Blog Posts

Next Steps in Healthcare Fight

Keep Talking to Your Representatives While we can all breathe a sigh of relief that BCRA won’t pass, we must remain vigilant.  There are already rumblings of an attempt to cut Medicare and Social Security .  The President has threatened to actively sabotage the markets to destroy the ACA.  We know the Affordable Care Act [ Read more…]

Stop Trumpcare

Back to the Phones We all had a little breather over the 4th of July break, but the Senate will be back in session tomorrow.  Indications are they will pull out all the stops to pass BCRA.  Mitch McConnell submitted revisions to the CBO last week, and has been offering money to flip “no” votes.  [ Read more…]

Health Care Round Table with Congressman Schneider

On Friday, July 7th, with about 200 other people, I attended the Health Care Round Table hosted by Congressman Brad Schneider and the Lake County Health Department at Waukegan High School.  The Congressman spoke about the history of the Affordable Care Act, the AHCA and the BCRA and the implications for Illinoisans of the proposed [ Read more…]