“Don’t Agonize. Organize.”

Florynce Kennedy


voter registration
Deputy voter registrar Jeff Slepak administers oath to newly registered voter.

North Shore Indivisible is a political grassroots organization made up of concerned citizens like you in Illinois’ 10th Congressional District.


North Shore Indivisible provides an opportunity to turn political anxiety into action. Join an issue team, work on an initiative, or learn a new skill.


North Shore Indivisible empowers individual citizens to make your voice heard. We work together to amplify our progressive message to bring the changes we seek into our democracy.

Get Woke. Be Present. Stay Active. Vote.

Latest Action Items

Time to Pick Up the Phones Again!

Call Members of Congress to Vote NO on the Tax Bill. The House of Representatives thinks it may have enough votes to pass their version of the tax bill, but some Republican Senators have expressed doubts about voting in favor of the Senate version of the bill.  The Senate version includes language to drop the individual [ Read more…]

Action: Advocate for a bipartisan bill proposing paper ballots.

Write: The two chairs of the Senate Rules and Administration committee. Chair: Sen. Richard Shelby Ranking member: Sen. Amy Klobuchar Click the link for each Senator Fill out the necessary fields Topic is “other” or “not listed” Subject is: Support the bipartisan SAVE Act Copy and paste the message: Dear Senator, I support the bipartisan SAVE [ Read more…]

Stop Congress from giving away the Arctic Refuge to Big Oil

Lisa Murkowski introduced a bill in the dead of night to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to Big Oil and Gas–and destroy this landscape forever Turns refuge’s 1.5 million acre Coaster Plain into a giant oil field Ignores economists, tribes and wilderness & climate advocates Pays for the GOP leadership’s tax cuts for millionaires [ Read more…]

Latest Blog Posts

The Good News – ACA Numbers Are Up As the Enrollment Period Begins

Initial Numbers for ACA Enrollment – Over 600,000 Sign Up in the First Four Days! The Washington Post reports that more than one in five of these are new enrollees.  The increase in numbers is despite the Trump Administration undercutting the process by shortening the enrollment period by half, slashing the TV and radio advertising [ Read more…]

Calling your Representatives, A “Pick Up the Phone” How To:

One of the quickest and easiest ways to let your representatives in Washington DC know what you think on a particular issue is to pick up the phone and tell them. Seriously? I can just tell them how I want them to vote on stuff? That’s right. Our representatives and senators (at least in the [ Read more…]

IL-10 lands “On the Radar” of the GOP, NRCC

Democrat Brad Schneider is the Congressional Representative in Illinois 10th District, and that doesn’t sit well with the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC). The IL-10 Congressional seat has flipped four times in the last four election cycles. 2010 and 2014 went to Bob Dold (R), while Brad Schneider (D) took the seat in 2012 and [ Read more…]