About North Shore Indivisible

“Buying into false promises or accepting partial concessions will only further empower Trump to victimize us and our neighbors.“  

Indivisible Guide

Who is North Shore Indivisible?

We are the concerned citizens of southern Lake County, in Illinois’ Tenth district, organizing to resist the Trump/Pence administration’s backward-looking agenda, while actively defending districts where progressive values are being supported.

North Shore Indivisible has two focuses:

  1. Returning Brad Schneider to Washington D.C. as the representative of Illinois’ Tenth Congressional District in the 2018 midterm election.
  2. Resisting the backward-looking agendas of Donald Trump, Bruce Rauner, and the GOP.

How we operate

We are a grassroots organization, so the concerns and efforts of our members lead the efforts of the group. North Shore Indivisible is designed to help individuals become leaders on the issues they are most concerned about.

  • We help connect members who have similar concerns about the issues to help create issue teams.
  • As the team develops roles will develop organically based on the interests of the team members.
  • As actionable items are identified by a team, those items are shared with the group as a whole so that we can be louder in our voices and show the strength of our numbers.

Our Values

Honesty, inclusion, tolerance, and fairness

Our Mission

To provide current and accurate ACTIONABLE information about how to relentlessly and loudly resist the criminal Trump/Pence administration while advancing our progressive agenda in local and national elections.

Our Goals

  • Create opportunities for activism, volunteering, and participation at multiple levels that respects the time and effort of all involved.
  • Facilitate individual empowerment by structuring and building support around issues, with teams creating actionable items to make our voices heard.
  • Support progressive causes, candidates, and incumbents in the 10th district of Illinois for both national and state offices to make our voices heard.
  • Work with issue-based groups to bring a base of knowledge to our group members and work other political groups to activate individuals to make our voices heard.

Well, what is Indivisible then?

The Indivisible movement is a grassroots effort that began as a guide, written by former congressional staffers, to teach those on the left the successful tactics the tea party used during the 2010 midterms.

The Indivisible Guide informs our action plans by describing the most effective ways to lobby our elected officials.

Learn more about the Indivisible Guide here.

We must be indivisible, as an attack on one group of Americans is an attack on all of Americans.  Public schools, EPA, Immigration, LGTBQ Rights, Civil Rights, Minority Rights, there is no end to the list of  whatever your issue, we must all unite because our combined resistance to produce better results and a stronger voice of opposition against the Trump/Pence Administration.