Meet our Team – We’re Fun People

“I have come to the conclusion that politics are too serious a matter to be left to the politicians.”

– Charles de Gaulle

“Whatever you do, if you don’t have fun with the people you’re with, then you’re probably not fun people.”

– Anonymous

Some of the fun people of North Shore Indivisible

Scott Horwitz – Wearer of Many Hats, Group Founder

Scott at the Chicago March for Science, April 22, 2017

Scott got his start in politics as a high school senior when he was voted runner-up as “most likely to host a talk show” by his classmates. In 2008 he volunteered at Obama campaign headquarters before becoming an Organizing Fellow with the Obama campaign in Hammond, Indiana. The digital tools that Scott’s team brought to bear, combined with the regular footwork of an organized GOTV (get out the vote) campaign, Scott helped turn Indiana blue for the first time since Lyndon Johnson’s win in Indiana in 1964. Scott is using those same tools and tactics with North Shore Indivisible to help defend Illinois’ 10th Congressional district from the GOP.

Scott grew up in the district and graduated from Deerfield High School in 1994. He went on to study communications at the University of Texas at Austin, before starting a career in Hollywood in 1998. Scott worked on such films as Galaxy Quest, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and Bringing Down the House to name a few before returning to the Chicago area. Scott lives in Deerfield with his wife and their two young children.


Sonny Cohen – Communications and Social Media

Sonny is not a vegetarian.

Sonny helps North Shore Indivisible with its social media, email communications and website. He has professional business experience helping companies effectively utilize the internet to achieve their marketing objectives. He conducts social media seminars and workshops for Midwest state legislators through the Council of State Governments, a nonpartisan association of state officials.

Sonny is a reluctant activist who has been drawn to a series of issues in his lifetime ranging from the unfortunate war in southeast Asia in the 60’s and 70’s to more contemporary and hyper-local conservation issues such as saving the Fort Sheridan Forest Preserve and feral cat policies.

Stunned, like others, with Trump’s election, Sonny sought refuge with a community of like-minded activists to advance a progressive agenda and stimulate a higher level of civic engagement.

Sonny is a Chicago native, graduate of Niles West HS, a U of Michigan alumni and lives with his wife Rena and Bert, the dog, in Highland Park.


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