Action Item Oppose Fracking in Illinois (Due by Thur. June 27)

Oppose Fraking in IL

Action Item: Send an Email to Oppose Fracking in Illinois (Due by Thur. June 27):

Email the IL Dept. of Natural Resources, OPPOSING a recently proposed high-volume horizontal fracking operation in White County. This Public Notice link, and this PDF  contain all the info you need to comment, including the Review Number (HVHHF-000001) and email address to which you should direct your comments.

Here are just a few reasons to object; these can be mentioned in the email body:
  • The Environmental Protection Agency concluded that fracking has an impact on quality and/or quantity of drinking water.
  • The United States Geological Survey concluded that “enhanced oil recovery and long-term production also contribute to seismicity at a few locations.”
  • Over 200 peer reviewed studies demonstrate risks and harms of fracking unconventional gas and oil drilling and fracking related to the public health and safety.