Fight Clean Car Roll-Backs

Fight Clean Car Roll-Backs
Clean car standards are at the heart of U.S. efforts to fight climate change and global warming. They’re also good for drivers, manufacturers, and the economy. Clean Car Roll-Backs would be disastrous across the board. Thankfully, the EPA and DOT are accepting public comments on this dangerous rollback plan. Tell them to put a stop to the Trump administration’s climate-wrecking scheme and help NRDC reach its goal of 100,000 comments.
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Contact the EPA Administrator & DOT Secretary

Fight Industrial Protection Roll-backs

Tell the EPA to Protect
Before he resigned, former EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, backed by his chemical industry allies, proposed industrial protection rollbacks. These lifesaving regulations protect communities from chemical and industrial explosions, fires, gas leaks, and oil spills. Everything we know about Acting EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler indicates that he will continue to champion this reckless pro-polluter plan. We can’t let Trump, Wheeler, and their big polluter cronies push this through. Call on the EPA; fight industrial protection roll-backs. Protect our families from the threats of chemical and industrial facilities.

Stand Strong for Clean Car Standards!

Clean Car Standards

Tell the CEOs of the World’s Largest Car Companies:
Stand Strong for Clean Car Standards!

U.S. automakers just experienced an historic seven-year record sales streak, yet President Trump and EPA Administrator Pruitt are trying to roll back lifesaving clean car standards that they claim are “crushing the auto industry.” The truth is that clean car standards benefit the economy, manufacturers, drivers, and the environment. They reduce carbon pollution and fight global climate change. We can’t let Pruitt and the President destroy them.
Tell the CEOs of the world’s biggest automakers — GM, Ford, Fiat Chrysler, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Volkswagen, Hyundai-Kia, Mercedes-Benz, Mazda, Subaru, and BMW — to publicly denounce this disastrous rollback plan and take a stand against Trump and Pruitt’s attempts to destroy clean car standards.

SEND an email to the CEO’s of the world’s major auto manufacturers.

How to Spend Volkswagen Settlement Dollars

Electric Bus

Tell Illinois the Illinois EPA invest Volkswagen Dollars in exhaust-free, zero-emission buses.

SEND your email to the Illinois EPA ( )

Copy/paste this text suggested by Sierra Club Illinois:
The draft Volkswagen mitigation plan released for Illinois has some positive elements — it recognizes environmental justice concerns, and it commits 10% of funds to be invested in electric school bus programs, which is an important step to protecting children across our state.
But the only way to accelerate toward a clean vehicle future is for Illinois to choose zero emission vehicles — and we must be ready for them. In addition to prioritizing electric transportation, Illinois’ final mitigation plan should invest the max 15% of funds in charging infrastructure. Ohio, Michigan, and Minnesota have proposed dedicating the full 15% for EV infrastructure, so Illinois shouldn’t be left behind.
None of the funds should go to advance dirty engines that run on diesel and natural gas, the same fossil fuels that got us into this mess. Instead, plans should prioritize electrification through retrofitting or replacing polluting vehicles with clean, zero emission trucks, transit buses, locomotives and freight switchers, along with investing the full 15% for EV charging infrastructure.

Oppose IL HB 5293 Don’t weaken IL Endangered Species

Endangered Black-crowned night heron
Governor Rauner opened the season on hunting bobcats, just as their populations are rebuilding. Now he wants to roll back Illinois conservation programs, and defer to Trump’s team. Bruce Rauner’s administration is supporting a major weakening of the Illinois Endangered Species Act. Rauner is backing House Bill 5293, which would let the Trump Administration call the shots on how to protect endangered species. There could not be a worse time for Illinois to defer to the Trump administration, which is pursuing many anti-wildlife policies, when it comes to protecting our most vulnerable species.

Anti Endangered Species HB 5293 would:

  • allow the killing of threatened and endangered species in Illinois
  • halt Illinois’ efforts to recover threatened species, as long as the federal government was taking some action on those species.
  • jeopardize endangered species protection by weakening the expert composition of the Illinois Endangered Species Protection Board by removing two scientists from the Board, making it harder to protect fragile populations.

Take action now to ask your state legislators to OPPOSE HB 5293.

Reject Anti-Environment Pompeo

Anti-Enviromnent Pompeo

Proposed Secy. of State Pompeo has:

  • Been named the “Koch Brothers’ Congressman” since he has taken more money from the Koch Brothers than any other member of Congress2

  • Opposed the regulation of greenhouse gas emissions and called efforts to address climate change “damaging” and “radical”3

  • Called for the permanent elimination of wind power production tax credits4

  • Introduced the Natural Gas Pipeline Permitting Reform Act, which would expedite the approval of pipelines to ship fracked gas5

  • Authored the DARK Act, Monsanto’s dream bill which preempted state laws that would have labeled genetically engineered (GMO) foods.

Action: Tell your senators to oppose Mike Pompeo


Oppose Privatizing Infrastructure, Clean Water

Keep Clean Water Public

From Food & Water Watch:

President Trump’s infrastructure plan is a scam to make Wall Street record profits. The plan incentivizes privatization, setting up corporations to make a profit off of our infrastructure — and for the public to pay the costs. ¹

Here’s who Trump’s plan wouldn’t help: Martin County, Kentucky is a community struggling with poverty, unemployment, and poor water quality. Nearly twenty years ago, coal sludge polluted their local water, and the ramifications are still being felt. ² People in Martin County endured nightly water shutoffs in January, and the water they do get access to can be too contaminated to drink. And to add insult to injury, hearings were held last month to decide whether their water bills could go up by nearly 50 percent.Everything President Trump has said about his plan so far is that it would incentivize privatizing water systems, while cutting federal funding for public water. Our research proves that when corporations control water and sewer systems, prices go up even as services can worsen. ³ This isn’t an isolated issue. We need a comprehensive solution to this problem.

This is a fight we can win. Last year, the people of Atlantic City successfully fought off an attempt to privatize their water system. Food & Water Watch fought alongside local allies for years to protect the water system. In December, that work paid off: state officials announced that the state would “not sell or lease the Atlantic City Municipal Utilities Authority to a private company.” 4

Take Action:
Tell Congress to take a stand against privatizing water systems.

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