Help Publicize the ACA Enrollment Period.

Americans Need Health Care and Need to Know When to Sign Up for It

From Jen Hoffman’s Weekly Activism Checklist:

Action: Counter the president’s efforts to decrease ACA enrollment.

The president has cut ACA’s advertising budget by 90%, but Americans need care. So let’s top 2017 enrollment of 11.4M through the power of social media. Ready?

Twitter: Visit this link and retweet.

Facebook: Visit this link and share the pinned post.

Bonus: Share the countdown to enrollment weekly through 12/15.

Support Bipartisan Action on Healthcare

Support and Stabilize the Affordable Care Act


This is From Jen Hoffman’s Weekly Activism Checklist: (for all of you on Twitter, I especially encourage you to take note of the bonus action and remind McConnell how our legislative process is supposed to work)

Action: Advocate for fixing ACA instead of repealing.

Call: Your 2 Senators, red or blue (lookup or leave message).

Script: Hi. I am calling because I want good, affordable health care and am tired of watching Republicans fail over and over because they’re not listening to constituents. I want [name] to start fighting for fixing what’s not working in the ACA. I want to see Senate bipartisanship and transparency in this process. Thank you.

Bonus action: Tweet McConnell:
A refresher: This is how to pass a healthcare bill. #democracy

National Day of Action: #KillTheBill. Stop Trumpcare.

Tuesday July 18th is a National Day of Protest.

From Maine and South Carolina to Hawaii and Alaska, Indivisible groups are organizing rallies and  die-ins, and visiting congressional offices to say that Trumpcare will hurt our friends, our families, and our country.  Protests in Illinois will be in Springfield, Wheaton, Oak Park, and Chicago .  The Indivisible website  lists the protests across the country. just type in your zip code for one near you.  If you are not able to attend a rally, call your members of Congress and Gov. Rauner  (217-782-0244) on Tuesday and let them know the Senate healthcare bill will devastate many hardworking families in Illinois and across America, stripping health insurance from millions of people and shredding the vital Medicaid safety net.  Let your friends and family in other states know about this National Day of Action #KillTheBill!

What’s your story? Affordability of Prescription drugs

Have You Had Difficulty Paying For or Accessing Prescription Drugs?

ProPublica Wants to Hear From You.

Action: Share your story about the affordability of prescription medications.

ProPublica is an independent, nonprofit newsroom that produces investigative journalism in the public interest. Read more about their work here.

ProPublica and The New York Times are interested in hearing from patients about any difficulties they have had accessing or paying for prescription drugs, in particular if those challenges have occurred in the past year.

This link will take you to a questionnaire about your experience with prescription drug costs, with spaces in the form for you to describe your situation.

Pressure Congress: Don’t Repeal and Replace the ACA!

The Senate continues to work on ways they can repeal and replace the ACA.  We need to maintain our momentum and keep reminding Senators how unpopular their replacement healthcare bill (BCRA) is.

Action: Register your opinion on health insurance on by July 12.

Note: July 12 deadline!

Visit    Please comment on the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: Reducing Regulatory Burdens and Improving Health Care Choices to Empower Patients”.


While this sounds very patient-friendly, the actual goal of this act is to allow states to obtain waivers from following the Patient Protection requirements of the ACA (offering coverage for  preventative care, maternity care, protection of those with pre-existing conditions etc) and allow them to sell useless health insurance policies with cheap premiums, but insufficient coverage for when you get sick.

Stop Trumpcare

Back to the Phones

We all had a little breather over the 4th of July break, but the Senate will be back in session tomorrow.  Indications are they will pull out all the stops to pass BCRA.  Mitch McConnell submitted revisions to the CBO last week, and has been offering money to flip “no” votes.  He will have two weeks to pass the bill after the CBO scores it.  Save My Care has TV ads in Nevada, Alaska and West Virginia.  It’s time for us to go back to the phones and call everyone on the list.

Dick Durbin (D)IL202-224-2152
Tammy Duckworth (D)IL202-224-2854
Shelley Capito (R)WV202-224-6472
Lisa Murkowski (R)AK202-224-6665
Dean Heller (R)NV202-224-6244
Dan Sullivan (R)AK202-224-3004
Jeff Flake (R)AZ202-224-4521
Susan Collins (R)ME202-224-2523
Bill Cassidy (R)LA202-224-5824
Bob Corker(R)TN202-224-3344
Cory Gardner (R)CO202-224-5941
Richard Shelby (R)AL202-224-5744
Luther Strange (R)AL202-224-4124
Pat Toomey (R)PA202-224-4254
Lamar Alexander (R)TN202-224-4944
Ron Johnson (R)WI202-224-5323
Rob Portman (R)OH202-224-3353


Tell Friends: Make Calls to your GOP Senators. Save ACA!

The Senate is on recess for the July 4th holiday, but you can bet your sweet bippy that Mitch McConnell is wheeling and dealing with all the Republican Senators still on the fence about the ACA repeal bill.

When calling friends and family to wish them a happy 4th of July this year, make sure those in states with GOP Senators know they can still Save the ACA!

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If they need a script, one can be found here.

Extra Credit for these states:

Save the ACA!

Action Item: Keep Calling to Save Healthcare

McConnell Working Behind the Scenes to Pass BCRA

The Senate is rapidly moving toward another vote to try to pass BCRA, probably on Friday.  We need to continue to make calls encouraging Senators to oppose this bill, in any form.  Scroll down to previous action items for the phone numbers.  Encourage anyone you know with a Republican senator to keep up the pressure.