Ben Wikler on Rachel Maddow: Call to Action

Ben Wikler on Rachel Maddow

Last night, Ben Wikler, Chair of the Wisconsin Democratic Party, went on The Rachel Maddow Show to talk about what’s at stake as primary elections begin in sections of Wisconsin. You can watch a quick clip and support the WisDems ahead of Tuesday’s elections. Wisconsin is ground zero in the GOP effort to pass restrictive anti-voter legislation pursuant to Trump’s Big Lie and steal the 2024 Elections. Republicans know Wisconsin – as it so often is – will be a nail-biter this year, and they will do everything they can to undermine future elections if they win in November.

To stop a Republican takeover in 2024 and fight for the future of American democracy, we need to organize for these local races now.

Election conspiracists who believe Trump’s Big Lie are on the ballot in Wisconsin, but so are staunch defenders of American democracy. In a state like ours, where elections break by single percentage points, we can make a difference right now by investing in local races in the spring, and making sure we have strong advocates for our democracy in office.

Ahead of our crucial local elections, will you pitch in $20 – or whatever you can afford – to fund our organizing efforts all across the country. The local races we’re up against now could determine the mechanics of Wisconsin’s – and American – democracy for this pivotal election year and beyond »

Voter Registration Volunteers Needed at College Campuses in Wisconsin

Milwaukee Area Technical College

We need volunteers for the following days: Monday, February 21st; Tuesday, March 8th; and Wednesday, March 16 th. To sign up, contact Sue Schneidler at Please indicate what day(s) and shift(s)—morning, afternoon, either—that you can work.

• Milwaukee Area Technical College
Volunteers are needed from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on February 22nd to 24th, March 1st to 3rd, March 8th to 10th, and March 15th to 16thTo volunteer, email David Weingrod at He can provide a parking pass if you park in the lot that is on the northwest corner of 8th and State Street. Meet on the third floor of the S building.

Voter Registration Training – Wisconsin

League of Women Voters Wisconsin

Get ready to help people register to vote! Learn how to register people using This training will include a review of paper applications and paper requests for absentee ballots. Registration is required. The Milwaukee County League of Women Voters is sponsoring this event on

Friday, February 18 th
7:00 p.m to 8:30 p.m.
Our Lady of Lourdes
3722 South 58 th Street

Sign up here: If you have problems signing up online, contact Terri at

Voter Registration at the Milwaukee County House of Correction

Milwaukee County House of Corrections

On Friday, January 28th, representatives of the Milwaukee County League of Women Voters and Supermarket Legends met with Assistant Superintendent Anthony Dodd, Sr., and Captain Brandon Hutchins at the Milwaukee County House of Correction (HOC) in Franklin to discuss the logistics of beginning a voter registration program there. The League and Legends brought flyers for distribution and copies of posters, which can be printed at the HOC and displayed prior to registration events.

The HOC is working to prevent Covid, requiring everyone to wear a mask and installing a special air-filtration system in the building. It has a 94% vaccination rate and currently only one case of Covid. Assisting jail residents to register to vote at the Milwaukee County House of Correction should be low risk for volunteers. The plan is for both organizations to recruit volunteers, who will first fill out a form for a background check and then participate in a one-hour volunteer training at the HOC. Registration events will include voter education and take place at least two times per month.

We need many volunteers for this major initiative to insure its success. Please contact Terri Lowder at if you would like to participate. You will find this a very rewarding experience. Assistant Superintendent Dodd feels that if the jail residents are registered to vote, it helps with their rehabilitation to return to the community as fully engaged citizens.

Spring Voter Assistance Hotline Training

We will be staffing our Voter Assistance Hotline to prepare for the April 5th election, and we need your help! Join our updated hotline training here — the training is offered twice, and you only need to attend one.

The Voter Assistance Hotline (608-336-3232) aims to make sure the voting process is as smooth as possible and reduce barriers to access by providing accurate and helpful answers to voters’ questions. The hotline is staffed for every election with volunteers and staff who are thoroughly trained on Wisconsin election law.

Please note: if you have completed prior hotline trainings with WisDems, welcome back! You DO need to attend the training again in order to work on the April 5th election, as some things have changed.

Voter Protection Data Workshop

Interested in learning more about the most effective ways to use data to keep yourself organized, help protect the right to vote, and get involved with the WisDems Voter Protection Team? Sign up for our Data Workshop on January 25th from 5-6pm!