Illinois Witness Slips

What are Witness Slips?

As a bill goes through the process of becoming a state law in Illinois, interested parties can officially indicate whether they support or oppose the legislation. This is done by submitting witness slips before a bill is considered by a House or Senate committee. Special-interest groups, government agencies, lobbying firms and engaged citizens can submit witness slips, and these become part of the public record*.

How do Witness Slips work at North Shore Indivisible?

Each week the Illinois General Assembly (ILGA) is in session, committees hold hearings to discuss legislation. As bills come up before committees, the bills are posted for witness slips on the ILGA website. Then the Witness Slip Working Group posts a list of bills before committees during the upcoming week at the website It is a herculean effort and we applaud their work.

Once the list of witness slips for the week is posted, North Shore Indivisible’s Witness Slip Team gets to work determining which bills are relevant to policy and governance, and which bills are window dressing for a representative’s constituents.

Once our team prioritizes the list of bills, we summarize the relevant bills, make a recommended position (opponent or proponent), and share our recommendations with the group.

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Additional questions?  – View our WITNESS SLIP FAQs

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