The Voter Commitment Canvass

Join Our Voter Commitment Canvass

Help us knock on doors of like-minded voters and ask them to commit to voting in the 2018 midterm election.

The most effective way to persuade voters is through face to face interactions. This is most often done by canvassing, or knocking on doors of voters, and asking to vote for a specific candidate or issue, but instead of focusing on issues or candidates, we are going to ask voters to make a commitment to vote in 2018 using our voter commitment postcards.

Collecting voter commitment cards is an effective way to make a tangible impact in elections. Studies show that getting voters to “commit” in advance can meaningfully increase turnout – one study showed a 3.8 percentage point effect on general election turnout!

We are organizing our summer canvass. Give us 2 hours or 20. Sign up now and we’ll send you details.