Mueller Book Club – Live Testimony Watch Party & Post-Testimony Analysis

July 24, 2019 @ 8:00 am
Mueller Book Club
Mueller Book Club - Live Testimony Watch Party & Post-Testimony Analysis @ Online

Robert Mueller will testify before Congress on July 24 after House Democrats issued a subpoena for his appearance. His testimony will represent the first time he has faced questions publicly about the investigation into Russian election interference, the Trump campaign’s collusion with Russia and Donald Trump’s obstruction of the investigation itself.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler has stated that Mueller will testify publicly for nearly four hours in total, spending two hours with Judiciary and two hours with the House Intelligence Committee.

The Mueller Book Club will convene online in two ways on July 24th to witness, analyze and amplify the testimony, and we are encouraging you to host live, in-person watch parties in your community:

  • 8AM CDT – Online watch party: The Mueller Book Club will host a Zoom conference during the live testimony, including a live stream of the testimony, and will broadcast the stream via Facebook Live. Mueller Book Club participants on the Zoom conference will have the opportunity to chat with one another and hear from experts during breaks in the testimony.

  • 7:30 PM CDT – Post-testimony Convening: The Mueller Book Club will host a discussion the evening of July 17th to include an analysis of the day’s testimony and strategies for amplifying key elements of the hearings. This discussion will be geared toward understanding the most salient developments, and what Book Club members can do next to demand accountability for the President’s crimes.

  • Host a Live Mueller Watch Party: Can you host members of your community to watch Mueller’s testimony? We’re calling people across the country to encourage their community members to tune in by hosting in-person watch parties.


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