Fight Back Against the ACA-Repeal.

We can persuade some of these Senators to vote NO on the Senate health care bill! 

  • They may vote as early as Thursday.
  • Lawmakers are beginning to listen to voices outside their districts/states when they hear from many of us.
  • Include a personal connection to their state if you can (e.g. we enjoyed our vacation in your state, we visit with friends in your state, I’m concerned about my family members in your state etc.)

This list of Senators was shared in the Indivisible-10th District meeting on Sunday, June 25:  (From Protect Our Care)

Call these Senators and tell them we need them to vote NO on the ACA-repeal.

Lamar Alexander (TN)                 202-224-4944

Shelley Moore Capito (WV)        202-224-6472

Bill Cassidy (LA)                            202-224-5824

Susan Collins (ME)                      202-224-2523

Bob Corker (TN)                            202-224-3344

Tom Cotton (AR                             202-224-2353

Jeff Flake (AZ)                                202-224-4521

Cory Gardner (CO)                       202-224-5941

Lindsey Graham (SC)                   202-224-5972

Dean Heller (NV)                           202-224-6244

Lisa Murkowski (AK)                   202-224-6665

Rob Portman (OH)                       202-224-3353



America is counting on them to value our lives over tax breaks for the wealthy