Help Publicize the ACA Enrollment Period.

Americans Need Health Care and Need to Know When to Sign Up for It

From Jen Hoffman’s Weekly Activism Checklist:

Action: Counter the president’s efforts to decrease ACA enrollment.

The president has cut ACA’s advertising budget by 90%, but Americans need care. So let’s top 2017 enrollment of 11.4M through the power of social media. Ready?

Twitter: Visit this link and retweet.

Facebook: Visit this link and share the pinned post.

Bonus: Share the countdown to enrollment weekly through 12/15.

One thought on “Help Publicize the ACA Enrollment Period.

  1. We are representing a health-care industry executive, and book author who is on a campaign to promote health care as a human right. We would love to connect him to a nationally organized campaign to publicize the ACA sign-up period. He is a great speaker, who also happens to have an inspirational personal story, as well.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

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