How to Spend Volkswagen Settlement Dollars

Electric Bus

Tell Illinois the Illinois EPA invest Volkswagen Dollars in exhaust-free, zero-emission buses.

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Copy/paste this text suggested by Sierra Club Illinois:
The draft Volkswagen mitigation plan released for Illinois has some positive elements — it recognizes environmental justice concerns, and it commits 10% of funds to be invested in electric school bus programs, which is an important step to protecting children across our state.
But the only way to accelerate toward a clean vehicle future is for Illinois to choose zero emission vehicles — and we must be ready for them. In addition to prioritizing electric transportation, Illinois’ final mitigation plan should invest the max 15% of funds in charging infrastructure. Ohio, Michigan, and Minnesota have proposed dedicating the full 15% for EV infrastructure, so Illinois shouldn’t be left behind.
None of the funds should go to advance dirty engines that run on diesel and natural gas, the same fossil fuels that got us into this mess. Instead, plans should prioritize electrification through retrofitting or replacing polluting vehicles with clean, zero emission trucks, transit buses, locomotives and freight switchers, along with investing the full 15% for EV charging infrastructure.