“The great aim of education is not knowledge but action.”

Herbert Spencer

Stay Informed

According to the Indivisible Guide, Members of Congress (MoC) are likeliest to respond to, “Concrete asks that entail a verifiable action — vote for a bill, make a public statement, etc.”

In order to be able to make concrete asks, as an organization, we need to educate ourselves on the issues, and know where we stand before we can make specific asks of our elected officials. And we need to know where our MoC stands on the issue.

Sometimes we’ll be calling to thank our MoC for their position on an issue. Sometimes we will be calling to oppose specific legislation, either way, we need to be informed.

Join an Issue Team (or start one)

Focus. What issue is most pressing to you. Lead or participate in one of these initiatives. Or form your own. We’ll help you build your community team:

Each team works independently. Issue teams can be you. And a friend. Let’s get to work. Think local. Act global.