Act to Protect Our Environment

We actively support  Members of Congress and candidates at the state and federal level who will defend, protect and strengthen environmental laws and regulations. We speak truth to power when their actions disregard validated science and put our state, nation, and planet’s health at risk. We follow and act on state and federal legislation and regulations related to the environment and science.

Feeling compelled to act but uncertain how to best focus your energy?

We aim to help you…

  • Make activism part of your personal routine.
  • Spend your limited time wisely on efforts that will result in meaningful change.
  • Help spread the word. Be part of a group of like-minded people.
  • Maintain momentum, while safeguarding against burn out
Join us in taking ACTION to protect our Environment.  Make your voice heard!
We frequently post important, effective Action Items with simple instructions on our Environmental Action Page.