Health Care Issues Team

U.S.Healthcare. What a disaster. And an embarrassment. You can make a difference. Get involved.

Our issues include:

  • Advocating for affordable access to quality health care for all Americans, on the national and state level
  • Supporting progress toward a Medicare-for-All program or an equivalent single payer health insurance system on the national level
  • Allow states the right to transition to single payer health systems
  • Fighting cuts to Medicaid and Medicare
  • Preserving a woman’s right to access reproductive health care and make personal reproductive choices
  • Improving insurance coverage for mental health care
  • Defending our right to control our personal medical and health care choices, including end-of-life decisions, without political interference

Our goals are:

  • To help you find actions you can take to make your voice heard and help you effectively impact the political process.  They can include:
  • “Action Items” such as making phone calls, filling out Witness Slips for Illinois legislation, writing letters, signing petitions, or attending protest marches
  • Links to informative websites, articles, and podcasts so you can be better informed about these important issues

Team Leaders:

  • Lynn Barnett
  • Mary Jayaraman

Contact team leaders by email at