Pressure Congress: Don’t Repeal and Replace the ACA!

The Senate continues to work on ways they can repeal and replace the ACA.  We need to maintain our momentum and keep reminding Senators how unpopular their replacement healthcare bill (BCRA) is.

Action: Register your opinion on health insurance on by July 12.

Note: July 12 deadline!

Visit    Please comment on the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: Reducing Regulatory Burdens and Improving Health Care Choices to Empower Patients”.


While this sounds very patient-friendly, the actual goal of this act is to allow states to obtain waivers from following the Patient Protection requirements of the ACA (offering coverage for  preventative care, maternity care, protection of those with pre-existing conditions etc) and allow them to sell useless health insurance policies with cheap premiums, but insufficient coverage for when you get sick.

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