From Protect Our Care – Take Action Against Cuts to ACA Outreach Funds

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Take action against Trump’s cuts to funding for ACA outreach

Open Enrollment navIn their latest attempt to sabotage the ACA, the Trump administration announced late last week they would be slashing funding for navigators and advertising for the upcoming open enrollment in the Marketplace by over $100 million nationwide.

This decision will reverberate throughout Illinois and cannot stand. Call your Members of Congress at (866) 877-3303 and urge them to oppose this sabotage and support bipartisan solutions that will strengthen our health care system.

Navigators in Illinois provide the on-the-ground support necessary for people to easily access health care and overcome barriers to enrollment (including language and cultural differences, disabilities, etc.) Without this assistance, millions of people who may not understand their health care options will remain uninsured, go without necessary care, and be penalized for not having coverage.

Advertising the Marketplace is crucial for a functioning and successful exchange. Without advertising, we will miss out on healthy participants who don’t know about the exchange or who don’t know that the enrollment period is shortened this year.

“The surest way to kill the exchanges is to keep them a secret,” says Timothy Jost, a consumer advocate at the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. “Sick people will find them, but getting younger and healthier people enrolled is the problem.”

Take Action Now! 

  1. Read the Protect Our Care Illinois statement on this cynical attack on millions of health insurance consumers.
  2. Call the Protect Our Care Illinois Hotline (866) 877-3303 and tell your Members of Congress to publicly denounce the Trump administration’s decision to slash funds for advertising for the Marketplace and navigator funding. Tell them to support bipartisan efforts underway to stabilize the Marketplace AND to fund robust outreach and enrollment efforts.
  3. Call Gov. Rauner at (312) 814-2121 or (217) 782-0244 and tell him to publicly denounce this decision by the Trump administration to slash the advertising budget and navigator funding. Tell him that assisters in Illinois communities have played a key role over the past 4 years in reducing the number of uninsured in Illinois to an all time low. Ask him what his Department of Insurance will do to help ensure that Illinois consumers know about open enrollment and their choices for enrollment.

Thank you for your continued activism and advocacy on behalf of Illinois health care consumers!