Senate Still Working to Pass BCRA

Behind the Scenes Efforts to “Flip” Senate Votes

Several news sources are reporting that Senator McConnell continues to apply pressure to Senators who are resistant to vote “yes” on  BCRA.  The NYT provided a list on Wednesday of the current positions in the Senate (article link HERE ).  According to Talking Points Memo, McConnell is focusing on ten Senators who were most vocal in their opposition in the last week ( link to article HERE ).  They describe the probable “wish list” for each of these Senators.  The Washington Post outlines similar behind the scenes negotiating, but sees this as an attempt to revise parts of the bill to get a new CBO score prior to voting again in mid-July (link HERE ).

Regardless of the strategy, it is clear that BRCA is not dead yet.  Marches and protests continue in Washington and at the offices of Senators.  If anything was learned after passage of the AHCA, it is that zombie bills can rise again.

One thought on “Senate Still Working to Pass BCRA

  1. Having just finished McConnell’s biography “The Long Game” (2016 – highly recommended for insight into his character, both for what it says and what it doesn’t), this note is spot on. It’s clear that he understands both his strengths and importantly, his weaknesses, and anticipates challenges to his initiatives. It remains to be seen whether he has miscalculated the level of pushback in the current environment or not, but it’s clear that it’s much too soon to call this effort dead. He knows Senate rules and what he can do with them, he knows his caucus, and he is isn’t afraid of criticism – in fact he fairly thrives on it. He’s not prone to overreacting to negative sentiment or losing his head when things become difficult. He works hard and pursues his goal with patience, foresight and dedication, and my guess is he’s working on it as I write this note. If there’s a way to get this bill passed, he’ll do it.

    Caveat American.

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