Show Your Kids How Change Happens-Come to an Indivisible Meeting!

Participate in Indivisible - Show Kids How Change Happens

It was difficult explaining the Trump presidency to my kids. “We’ll fix it,” I would tell them. But I didn’t know how.

That changed with my first Indivisible meeting. Under the passionate guidance of an Obama campaign staffer, Scott Horwitz, we brainstormed ideas and developed action plans. I loved meeting people who were “doing” rather than endlessly “griping” on social media!

Indivisible provides a forum for you to get involved in any issue in any way that interests you. For me, it’s candidate tracking and keeping our 10th Congressional District Blue in 2018. You might choose to track legislation, register people to vote,or engage with other interest groups networked with Indivisible. There are so many ideas!

Now when my kids are scared by the headlines and manic tweets, I tell them, “Don’t worry. We have a plan. Here’s what I’m doing to change this.”

Come. Listen. Engage.

J.P., Deerfield