Education and Funding Reform & Budget Townhall

State Rep Carol Sente:
Attend State Rep Carol SenteTown Hall next week Tuesday June 20 to hear more about the Education Funding Reform bill that passed both chambers as well as current information about the state budget.

There is a great deal of misinformation about SB 1 that creates a new education funding model for Illinois. Via our constitution, the state is supposed to provide more money to our public schools. The Governor and both parties are interested in finding a fair and equitable new funding model. The bill sponsor spent four years working on a formula. All IL public schools get more money. Schools are divided into four categories, the poorest schools get a higher percentage of new funding to bring them closer to the new “adequacy target”. Schools that are better funded locally receive less state funding. We want all students to get a great education regardless of zip code. While prior iterations of this concept created “winners and losers”, that bill was never called and I did not support. This bill brings District 59 schools collectively over $1 M in