Fossil Free Fast: The Climate Resistance Live Event

Fossil Free Fast : Climate Resistance

Join us on Wednesday, Jan 31st for a Fossil Free Fast: The Climate Resistance Live Event watch party in Lincolnshire. Meet others in our community who want to organize to build local power and take climate action. Find out what we can do to begin to build the Fossil Free future we need – and connect with folks from Northshore Indivisible and other activists equally passionate about this work. Please RSVP so we can send you updates and last-minute details.

What can we do to protect our environment in 2018? How do we keep up the fight for climate justice? How can our towns still make progress in the face of the Trump administration’s attacks? How do we organize for power outside the capital when the government shuts down?

If you’re asking these questions, you’re not alone. All across the country, there are millions of us who are looking for ways to stand up for our climate and communities.

We know the dangers this administration poses to people and our planet are immediate and real — but we don’t just want to resist Trump. We want to move past him, and rally like-minded people around the country to start building a Fossil Free world now, instead of just playing defense.

That’s why on Wednesday, January 31, the day after the State of the Union, we will come together for Fossil Free Fast: The Climate Resistance.

Event Details:

Fossil Free Fast: The Climate Resistance Live Event
6:30 PM, Wednesday, January 31
UAW Region 4 Office
680 Barclay Blvd
Lincolnshire (Map)


Reject Dirty Energy Bill

Smoke Stack Pollution

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell plans to bring a new dirty energy bill to the Senate floor when Congress gets back from its July 4 vacation.

This bill would:

  • speed up approval of exports of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) abroad, increasing fracking here at home
  • give FERC  more authority, but little accountability, over decisions about pipelines for natural gas
  • authorize hundreds of millions of dollars for research into recovering methane hydrates, a dangerous new source of methane trapped under the ocean floor
  • have no mention of solar or wind in the “renewables” section


Email your Senators to oppose more bringing more fossil fuels out of the ground and carbon into the atmosphere.

Call your Senators at these numbers:

Tammy Duckworth: (202) 224-2854; (312) 886-3506

Dick Durbin: (202) 224-2152;  (312) 353-4952