Oppose IL HB 5293 Don’t weaken IL Endangered Species

Endangered Black-crowned night heron
Governor Rauner opened the season on hunting bobcats, just as their populations are rebuilding. Now he wants to roll back Illinois conservation programs, and defer to Trump’s team. Bruce Rauner’s administration is supporting a major weakening of the Illinois Endangered Species Act. Rauner is backing House Bill 5293, which would let the Trump Administration call the shots on how to protect endangered species. There could not be a worse time for Illinois to defer to the Trump administration, which is pursuing many anti-wildlife policies, when it comes to protecting our most vulnerable species.

Anti Endangered Species HB 5293 would:

  • allow the killing of threatened and endangered species in Illinois
  • halt Illinois’ efforts to recover threatened species, as long as the federal government was taking some action on those species.
  • jeopardize endangered species protection by weakening the expert composition of the Illinois Endangered Species Protection Board by removing two scientists from the Board, making it harder to protect fragile populations.

Take action now to ask your state legislators to OPPOSE HB 5293.