Protect Our National Monuments

Defend our Monuments

Action Item -July 10 DEADLINE:

Send an [editable] email [via NRDC] to Interior Sec’y Zinke, asking him to protect our national monuments. The details also appear in the above linked page/form.
President Trump is considering stripping away protections for some of America’s most cherished national monuments, including Bears Ears in Utah, Grand Staircase-Escalante, also in Utah, and the Northeast Canyons and Seamounts off of Cape Cod.

Trump’s executive order requires Secretary Zinke to review all monuments created since 1996 — an unprecedented assault on our natural heritage and the Antiquities Act itself, and a clear signal that the president’s ultimate goal is to open them up to dirty, dangerous drilling and mining operations for profit.

Tell Secretary Zinke to stand up to President Trump and maintain protections for America’s cherished national monuments and wildlands.

Complete a comment concerning the U.S. Department of the Interior conducting a review of 27 National Monuments designated or expanded since 1996

ACTION ITEM – DUE before July 10.
CLICK THIS LINK to complete a comment concerning the U.S. Department of the Interior conducting a review of 27 National Monuments designated or expanded since 1996.

“The Secretary of the Interior will use the review to determine whether each designation or expansion conforms to the policy stated in the Executive Order and to formulate recommendations for Presidential actions, legislative proposals, or other appropriate actions to carry out that policy.”

Sample comment (feel free to use):

“Dear Secretary Zinke,
I am writing to urge that the National Monuments under review remain UNCHANGED from their present size, structure and protections. These are precious and unique areas that need to be protected. They were designated after much careful thought and consideration and I appreciate you asking for input from the public on their future.
Each monument individually represents a unique landscape that is a part of our nation and it’s history.
They need to be available for the enjoyment of our citizens and international visitors for generations to come.
Also-do not allow commercial resource extraction/development to occur on these lands which are national treasures.
Our Government has a strong history of preserving our unique land. Let’s not change that now.

Please read this article from NRDC. “All the lands in question were federal lands before their designations, meaning that they were already owned by “the people.” Returning them to Americans isn’t what Trump’s ordered review is about, anyway. It’s actually about opening up these areas to mining, logging, and drilling interests—either by greatly reducing the amount of land under protection or by doing away with the national monument designation altogether—and trying to pass the decision off as principled rather than greedy.”