Tell EPA, Don’t Rollback Methane Gas Regs

Protect from Methane Gas
Trump’s EPA announced plans to repeal critical regulations that keep the oil and gas industry from leaking dangerous methane gas into the atmosphere. But for now, the EPA has to accept and respond to public comments on this dangerous rollback, so today, we need to register our protest:
Stand with NRDC — send in your official public comment opposing Trump’s reckless rollback of critical regulations for climate-warming methane pollution from the oil and gas industry.
Trump’s EPA has already tried THREE times to roll back methane regulations — so far unsuccessfully. Now, EPA chief and former fossil fuel lobbyist Andrew Wheeler has unveiled the fourth and most sweeping proposal: To entirely repeal the methane limits already in place for new oil and gas sources and to give existing operations a permanent pass.

If Trump’s lieutenants at the EPA succeed, we will be left with do-nothing standards for power plants and vehicles, no limits at all on methane from oil and gas, and new hurdles for curbing climate pollution from other industries.

Send an email via NRDC to the EPA